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February 18, 2005

Eu sou no Brasil

First Post!!!!!!!

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I'm a brazilian (living in Brasilia) and, since I read in AkuAku that you are moving here, I became curious about your experience.

Posted by: Solange | Feb 19, 2005 6:20:52 PM

Yay! I am so happy you're doing this so you'll update more and include rambles about your everyday. I love akuaku too, but it is more specialized. Whohoo!! Pictures too. Now I can see what you tell me about.

I got gps practice and set-up to do, but I'll be posting soon with gps location!!

love you, pookey!

Posted by: mie | Feb 19, 2005 6:38:14 PM

Thanks Solange!

I have a friend living in Brasilia whom I hope to visit while I'm down here. Maybe we can meet up then, you can show my your favorite place in Brasilia :)

Posted by: Dav | Feb 20, 2005 8:39:46 AM

I have go to Rosa last year(2006), in january, it so good, im go again in new year (2006/2007)revelion...
See you there

Posted by: Pedro | Nov 18, 2006 5:46:37 PM

I going to rosa all years, this is a 2° year i was do to the rosa, itsa so good, im go again, see you there...

Posted by: Pedro | Nov 18, 2006 5:48:42 PM

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